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Hamilton Volskwagen How to Videos in Ontario


When it comes to owning a Volkswagen, there are things you can do on your own to help keep it running smoothly and looking great in Hamilton. That's why we've provided you with some videos that can be your "go-to resource" for simple VW maintenance tips. These can help make a big difference while you're on the road in Ontario.


How to Change a Tire How to Check for Tire Wear


Knowing how to change a tire on your Volkswagen is essential. And while the process isn't difficult, it does require an understanding of the necessary tools as well as techniques for safely removing the existing wheel and tire and equipping the spare. This video will show the proper way to do so.




Knowing how to check the tire tread is not only an important skill to have, it can tell you a lot about your vehicle, too. Traction. Alignment issues. Proper tire inflation. Worn shocks and struts. This video shows the different types of tire wear and what they can mean for your Volkswagen.


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How to Check Your Engine Oil  How to Fill Windshield Washe Fluid


Knowledge of how to check the engine oil on your Volkswagen is necessary for maintaining its performance as well as the terms and obligations of a New Vehicle Limited Warranty. Watch this video for proper techniques on this simple yet important procedure.




A clean windshield is crucial to help ensure good visibility while driving. And windshield washer fluid can really help to clear things up in less-than-perfect conditions. Watch this video, and learn how to fill the windshield washer fluid reservoir in your Volkswagen.



How to Open the Hood How to Wash and Wax a Car


Every vehicle is different, and knowing how to open the hood of a car is necessary to check fluid levels or perform light maintenance. Watch this video to learn the location and operation of the release lever and safety catch on your Volkswagen.




Giving your Volkswagen a wash and wax is a great way to help maintain its exterior, protect your investment, and keep it looking showroom-new. This video shows the proper materials and techniques for keeping your vehicle's appearance in top condition. 



Regular schedule maintenance is also important to ensure your Volkswagen keeps running smoothly. Take advantage of our limited time seasonal offers and service specials. Check back for changing deals and seasonal maintenance every month. Whether it's spring tire rotations, fall fluid flushes, summer filter replacements, or winter wheels your Hamilton Volkswagen team has what you need for less.


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